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Notes from Puglia and a quick pizza!

Day 3 and I am getting increasingly concerned that my much-loved ‘Ricci’ are not going to feature on this holiday. Last time I was in Puglia, 5 years ago, I was introduced to this delicacy and have been licking my … Continue reading

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‘Give Peas a Chance’

Ooh – I wish the ‘Pink’ one would heed these wise words (the ‘peace’ bit’), endless sleepless nights seem to have enveloped the ‘little people’. The ‘Pink’ one probably has the best excuse of all, poor little egg has got … Continue reading

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Angels navels ?

‘Angels navels’ – have I just made this up ? or is it actually what these divine, flat, little, white peaches are called? After some hunting on the internet I am none the wiser, but it’s a ¬†good name for … Continue reading

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