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‘Chin Chin’ to a burger bonanza

Every summer Mr.P and I have a hilarious tussle over the bbq. It goes something like this, ‘why can’t we have a gas bbq?, it is so much easier to cook on’, my rather arrogant, spoilt brat  response is – … Continue reading

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Books for cooks!

Unsurprisingly I have a unsatiable love of cookbooks – ‘Food Porn’ as my husband calls it. The spare minutes that are dotted around my day are spent delving through cookbooks or surfing the net hunting for ideas, pictures, reviews and … Continue reading

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Precipitation, procrastination, inspiration

Uh oh our joke summer is having the last laugh, but as I tap away I smugly know that spoilingly we are escaping the rain dappled windows to the sun-baked earth of Southern Italy in a few weeks time. My … Continue reading

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Smoked trout revelation and underage contenders from the kitchen garden

Firstly I promise there is nothing in this for me – well that is apart from a couple of ‘free’ packets of the said ‘trout’ to taste. I’ll be honest, I was a little dubious, I quite like smoked trout … Continue reading

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‘Give Peas a Chance’

Ooh – I wish the ‘Pink’ one would heed these wise words (the ‘peace’ bit’), endless sleepless nights seem to have enveloped the ‘little people’. The ‘Pink’ one probably has the best excuse of all, poor little egg has got … Continue reading

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‘Jump in the Mouth’

Did you know this is what ‘Saltimbocca’ translates as? Only those canny, savvy Italians could have come up with such a fan-dabby-dozy name for a dish that  does just that. Saltimbocca is quite simply a veal escalope with sage and … Continue reading

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