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Hot cross Mummy

Poor little lambs. They all arrived (that is all 6 of them) earlier than usual under the illusion that spring was around the corner. How wrong could they be. It has been snowing on and off here for 2 weeks, … Continue reading

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Lottery in the Larder – chocolate brownies version 2!

How many versions of brownies are there? Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds is my guess. Nuts, no nuts, flour, gluten free, dark, milk, fruit, you name it, somewhere there will be a recipe. I am pretty dull and stick rather … Continue reading

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Eating in the Dolomites

I agree, slightly random choice, quite a good little secret and maybe I should keep it that way, but my better nature couldn’t resist sharing this little discovery. I am not sure what possessed Mr.P to divorce Courchevel, maybe he … Continue reading

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Food Envy

Food envy is a funny old thing. Being a greedy person I suffer badly. Eating out poses a real dilemma. I constantly look around surveying what everyone else is eating, torn between choosing the familiar or going for the wild … Continue reading

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