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Purple Sprouting Brocolli

‘February’, it’s a pretty bleak month out there in the vegetable patch and particularly mine where the sole survivors of our rather random, extremely wet and at times, cold winter, is some dog-eared rainbow chard. Thankfully the local farm shop … Continue reading

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A ‘rude’ cake!!

‘Mummy’, you’re driving rudely! Umm – that’s a new one on me. ‘Badly’ I can handle, ‘fast’, well that’s debatable, but ‘rudely’ I am not sure if to be flattered or disturbed. One of the numerous funny things about children … Continue reading

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Ballet boys

Imagine my surprise when I happily traipsed the ‘pink’ one off for her trial ballet session, (blue one tagging reluctantly behind) only to discover that the ‘blue’ one is the dance fanatic and the one mustard keen to point his … Continue reading

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‘B’ is for Birthday = CAKE

‘B’ is for birthday, ‘C’ is for cake. And the eternal question, what kind of cake? and when exactly am I going to make it? Decorating after all takes about 4 times longer than you ever bargain for, all those … Continue reading

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