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Where’s Daddy? “he’s hiding” (the pink one), “he’s on the boat” (the blue one). Oh so charming! This conversation took place after I had tried to explain, evidently not well, that ‘Daddy’ was at work! The ‘blue’ one has a … Continue reading

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Wild things and oranges

Africa, Attenborough, wild food. How are they all connected? I am not sure I can answer that, but Mr. P is rightfully concerned, first rabbit, then pigeon, what’s next on the vermin menu? And after all, it was the weekend, … Continue reading

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Sweet for my sweet….another chilli sauce

The clever little men behind WordPress put together a rather impressive annual report for Lardersaga which came winging into my inbox on New Years Eve. All sorts of fascinating information is disclosed, number of hits per day, where in the … Continue reading

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New Year Resolutions

Famously renowned in our family for being a tad ambitious as to what can be squeezed into each day, and in spite of being in my fourth decade of this glorious life, I still have not learnt from previous mistakes … Continue reading

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