Who’s been eating my porridge?

Breakfast in our house descends into complete anarchy if the ‘little people’ do not get the sustenance they want by a certain time. I am hugely sympathetic, long gone are the days when I used to run out the house clutching an apple and pretending that would last me till lunchtime. My day, like theirs, has to start with food fuel – I’m not talking healthy, zesty bits of fruit – that won’t touch the sides around here – no it has to be more substantial, more gratifying and longer lasting!  Porridge is a hot favourite, but I don’t think it works quite so well in our English ‘joke’ summer. Granola is always popular, and recently Bircher Muesli has been a tried and tested success. Yogurt with berries or, with the infamous rhubarb compote (always looking for ways of using it up!) hits the mark, followed by our much-loved bread that we buy from Poilane. Fresh coffee is a must (for me) – and orange juice an optional extra.

None of this is revolutionary – that said the granola and bircher muesli are good, actually very good. They are a far cry from the cardboard cereals with fantasy prices, laced with disguised sugars and salts. And what could be more smug than having your own homemade cereal for breakfast – certainly one happy customer here agrees, as he readily pinches all the sour cherries and dried blueberries out of my bowl!

Homemade Granola

180 ml of maple syrup

40 ml of honey

5 table spoons of either rapeseed or sunflower oil

1/2 teaspoon of salt

300g of jumbo oats

60g of flaked almonds, green pistachios (chopped), pumpkin seeds

3 tablespoons of poppy seeds, white sesame seeds

60g of dried blueberries, sour cherries and /or cranberries

1. Pre-heat the oven to 160.

2. Mix together all the syrup ingredients in a small saucepan and then pour over the jumbo oats, mix thoroughly.

3. Spread the oat mix out on a deep baking tray, lined with baking parchment, and place in the oven for 30/ 40 minutes. Stir every 2 to 3 times. When it has reached a toasted, golden colour remove and add in the chopped nuts, seeds and dried fruit.

4. Once thoroughly mixed, pour into sterile jars.Totally delicious served with a really good organic natural yoghurt, honey and fruit. Try it – it really is delectable!!

Bircher Muesli

I love this – it is reminiscent of holidays in the alps and other magical places. It does require putting the oats into soak the night before but the end result is well worth it. If you have never had it before – the only way I can explain it is a funny hybrid of porridge, muesli and granola – sounds dodgy – please trust me it is worth trying!

Serves 4

100g of rolled oats

180ml of full fat milk

100 g of yogurt

1 apple roughly grated with skin left on

40g of runny honey

1 handful or raisins, toasted almond flakes, and 1 of chopped green pistachios

Juice of 1 lime

1. Put the oats in a bowl with the milk and pop in the fridge overnight to soften.

2. In the morning, add the yogurt, followed by the nuts and raisins, apple, honey and lime, mix well together – add more yogurt to loosen if necessary.

3. Serve with fresh berries or drizzled with honey.

Breakfast Notes:

If in London do try Poilane Bakery for their wonderful sourdough bread, buttery croissants and sublime pain au chocolat: Poilane Bakery, 46 Elizabeth Street  City of Westminster, SW1W 9PA, Tel:020 7808 4910

When making the granola or muesli try and find the jumbo oats as they have far better texture than the smaller rolled ones.

About lardersaga

Joanna Preston is mother of the 'little people', 1 pink and 1 blue, and wife to saintly Mr.Patience! After a decade dedicated to cooking for others (Alps, Africa and founding 'Sugar & Spice') my attention is now solely in the home kitchen. We are a food obsessed family that adore growing, sourcing and cooking delectable feasts for friends and family!
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